Conference room

De Schaapskooi is a special meeting place and inspiring location for meetings, training courses/workshops, inspiration sessions and/or team building. Removing people from their permanent working environment is inspiring and constructive, and people also come to decisions faster in an informal setting.


Layout the Sheepfold

The space is fully equipped, kitchen, toilet, air conditioning (hot and cold) and a wood stove. You can use the beamer with projection screen. Meeting/training room with a The entrance to this room has French doors adjacent to an outside terrace. There is free WiFi throughout the complex. The rent is incl. cleaning. Parking is free.



  • Kitchen unit with sink.
  • Coffee maker and kettle.
  • Projector with screen works on wifi.
  • Tables and chairs.

Prices & rates

The space can be rented for courses, training courses, meetings, lectures and presentations, for a maximum of 50 people. This offers you enormous flexibility at a relatively low cost. We determine the times together with you and our agenda. Do you have something to celebrate, birthday, baptism, wedding that is also possible, parties only in combination with a stay of at least 2 nights, maximum 28 people. Rent out the entire complex depending on what your goal is, ask for a quote. Laptop connection possible for presentations, final cleaning, kitchen utensils and parking.


Benefits of meeting outside in nature

  • Being away from the everyday office gives you and your employees new energy.
  • Working or meeting in nature provides extra inspiration and creativity.
  • Difficult decisions that are stressful are made easier because people feel more relaxed.
  • There are no distractions during a meeting in nature.
  • No phone calls, no colleagues or noises to disturb.
  • Meetings outside provide more time to get to the point, more time is scheduled and employees are less likely to plan something else.
  • A break during the meeting is wonderful in nature. Take the whole team for a walk or plan an outdoor activity between or after the meeting.

Can you see yourself lying here already?