About us

You are in your mid-fifties and might be thinking of slowing down with work. That thought is not for Mart and Marlène van Adrichem. They are just starting over: not in the Netherlands but in France. They hope to open their own ‘residence’ there in the not too distant future. It’s a dream come true.


Mart (57) and Marlène (54) van Adrichem have just moved to The Hague, on the edge of Wateringen. Mart had a construction company in Wateringen for thirty years. Marlène had a massage studio in Wateringen for the past ten years and was associated with Quintus as a caretaker of Heren 1. Last December, Mart was operated on and got a new knee. It was the moment that he started thinking about the future: “We had wanted to start a kind of bed and breakfast in France for some time. The work I was doing wasn’t what I wanted anymore and I got the feeling that I was now going to pick up new things. Marlène and I started talking and we were soon looking on the internet for houses for sale.”

Our trip

  • 2016 – Dream farm found
  • 2016 – Departure to France & introduction of the neighbourhood
  • 2017 – Opening rooms
  • 2017 – Start renovating gîtes
  • 2018 – Opening gîtes by mayor
  • 2019 – Opening luxury apartment Le Soleil
  • 2021 – Opening barn as a multifunctional space

Can you see yourself lying here already?