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Mart and Marlène van Adrichem

We are going to achieve our dreams.

Beautiful environment

Written for Dutch local paper Westlands post by Geraldine Mars – 2016

You turn 50 and any person would think about winding down their careers and start taking it easy! This was furthest from the minds of Mart and Marlene van Adrichem. They are starting something new, not in the Netherlands but in, France and are hoping open and set up their own “Residance.” As it has been a long-held dream that is about to come true.

Mart and Marlène

Mart (57) and Marlene (54) live on the outskirts of The Hague on the edge of a village called Wateringen. Mart has had his own building business for 30 years in Wateringen and Marlene has a busy Massage practice De Cirkel also in Wateringen she was helping The sports centre ‘Quintus’ helping the 1st men’s handball team with sports massage and treatments.

In 2015 Mart was had a knee operation and received a new knee, during his revalidation was the moment that Mart started to think about the future and talk about the dream of moving to France and starting a bed and breakfast. “we have had this dream of moving to France for years and wanted a change, to open the bed and breakfast and to realise our dream, so Marlene took to the internet to look what houses were for sale”

Where one door closes in The Netherlands
another opens in France.

The story


That they wanted to live in France went without saying, Mart has a sister who has been living in the area for 30 years and every year visiting the family and the area. They knew that this they wanted to live. Marlene soon found and lovely U-shaped farm ten minutes away from the family that was for sale but it was outside their budget. We visited the estate agents and all sorts of other properties in the following may. But couldn’t quite find the right one. The estate agent got up for a moment they noticed that the property they had first seen the U-shaped one was on a A4 paper in front of them, they and asked was it sold? He said that the price has gone down, and within half an hour we had a visit organised, and put in an offer on the property. Bizarre! No such thing as coincidence.


Did you every think of going on the Dutch programme “Ik Vertrek” Mart and Marlene both start laughing and “yes we were approached by the programme, but we are to organised and experienced in building, they tend to film people who don’t have the tools and finances and language skills so we decided against it. We are learning the language and having lessons, organising work weeks for people to come and works and live here for a while rent free on a volunteer basis. Marlene says laughing “why don’t you visit in a year’s time and see how we are doing? Follow up how are they doing? That would be nice.


Mart and Marlene don’t see it as a big problem leaving family and friend behind, everybody is welcome to visit if they choose, we don’t have any children, so this is no problem. Where the door closes in the Westland it opens in France. This has been a dream of ours for so long and we are totally okay with our decision to make realise our dream. You experience so many things in your life this is just another one. We are going to work hard to make it a great success like we always do. It’s going to work we have been married for 37 years and we still enjoy this!If you want to know more you can follow Mart and Marlene on www.residencelasalamandre.eu.

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