Gîte Chiennie

The beautiful bright gte has a view of the ornamental garden and the swimming pool. Dogs are very welcome in these gites. The rear overlooks the mountains and in the evening you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.


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Gîte Sascha

This gte lends its name to our first dog, a cozy animal like the gites. This gte has a view of the courtyard at the front and a view of the mountains at the rear. You can relax there.


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Gîte Keessie

The last gte lends its name to the small cheerful Keeshond who keeps watch on the property. This gte overlooks the courtyard and the mountains at the rear where the cozy terrace is located.


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Luxury room Le Soleil

Our luxurious and romantic double gîte (apartment) is located on the first floor with its own front door. Absolute zen is the right word for this with luxurious relax chairs, the beautiful view at the front and a lovely balcony at the rear. In short, you have complete privacy.


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